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Hourly Rate: $30 per hour for 1-1 Tutoring

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Offers Online tutoring

Services Offered:  1-1 Tutoring for the following - 

1) High School Calculus I/II (equivalent to Calculus AB/BC), Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, English/Composition, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, US History, Government, Biology, Public Speaking

2) ACT Prep: Scored 36 Composite; Math 35, English 35, Reading 36, Science 36

3) SAT Prep: Scored 790 Math, 770 Reading & Writing

4) PSAT Prep: Scored 1480 Composite; Math 750, English and Writing 730

5) AP Human Geography (5), AP Chemistry (5), AP Language and Composition (5)


Paid Peer Tutor at Colorado Mountain College: Tutored students in DE College Algebra, DE College Trigonometry, Algebraic Literacy, and DE Calculus 1 and 2. Primarily 1 on 1.


NHS Volunteer Tutor: Tutored students in a variety of settings and subjects. Primarily 1 on 1, occasionally would tutor a few students at a time.


I wish to provide tutoring to students because I believe that all knowledge should be shared. I have learned a lot in high school, not just about course material, but also about what it takes to be an excellent student and test-taker. For basic course content, I have learned and created several strategies to ensure success in any class, from AP Language and Composition to AP Chemistry to DE Calculus. As for standardized tests, the strategies I used allowed me to earn a 36 on the ACT, a 1570 on the SAT, and 1480 PSAT score, which qualified me for the National Merit scholarship. I want to share this knowledge with as many students as possible, with the goal that they may have the same or greater success in their academic lives.


1) I'm an expert skier and have skied in several states across the country.

2) I run competitively year round and plan to continue in college.

3) I was born and raised in the DC area, but moved to Colorado when I was 10.

National Merit Scholar, Eugene Dupont Scholar - University of Delaware (full ride), Eagle Scout, Permanent Highest Honor Roll, Varsity Captain (Cross Country and Track), Boettcher Scholarship Semifinalist, Speech and Debate National Tournament Qualifier (2018 and 2019).