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Kelly L
Trinity University
Engineering Science
I want to tutor and help students because everybody has different learning styles that may not be addressed in the classroom. Through tutoring, I hope to be able to help close this learning gap. I would like to help my students by approaching the material in a new way that may make learning easier.
I am on my way to being trilingual; I already speak Mandarin and English and Im working on my Spanish
I have a double black belt in Taekwondo
I perfer tea (especially Earl Grey Tea) over coffee
Melanie U
University of Illinois
Hi there! My name is Melanie and I am a junior at UIUC. I have strong backgrounds in music, Spanish and sociology and am skilled at writing. I have experience tutoring younger kids and informally helping my peers achieve in their classes. I'd love to have the opportunity to tutor you as well! I enjoy school and would like to help others find the same success that I have! I am happy to help with writing, memorization, problem-solving, or whatever else you may need
Striped tee shirts are my personal staple
I am a musician
I love coffee
Justin E.
Benedictine University
Mathematics and Computer Science
Q: "Dang, Justin! Why can't I just ask you in-person to help me out with this, instead of paying to get help from you? Why should I pay if I can just go to our school tutors for free?" A: Of course you can just ask me in person (for free lol). I am glad to help! If you need ADDITIONAL help to succeed in a class, please try my services out. Unlike school tutors, you can have me as your consistent tutor who will personally know your struggles. In addition, YOU set the time for us to meet up!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is my life.
I cook the best omelettes.
I like waking up early in the morning to see the sun
Kiersten L.
Purdue University
Actuarial Science and Statistics
I would like to help students break down large concepts that are often intimidating in order to enhance their overall problem solving skills. In the past, I have tutored students in Math up to Calculus 2, English up to AP Language, Music, and much more! In the future I would like to continue tutoring students as not only do I get to learn more about the student, but I get to work on brushing up my skills. I find it quite enjoyable to share my knowledge with others and continuously learn.
I'd like to provide this service as I have lots of experience applying for scholarships and have been successful in my endeavors to find scholarships to financially support my collegiate journey. I have gone through interviewing, application, essay, and other rigorous processes for scholarships.
Math is probably my favorite thing (EVER!) and writing papers is a close second.
I was homeschooled for 7 years.
I love working with young children (especially my 6 year old brother!).
Anika A.
Pomona College
The help I really needed getting through my economics and geology classes to date was just someone to tell me when I was on the right track and understood something versus when I was talking myself in circles and not understanding a concept. <br /> As a tutor, I think I'd be most helpful letting students explain concepts themselves, because so many economics concepts make intuitive sense after you talk about them for a little bit. I could then point out if a students has gone a little bit off the rails. <br /> I do similar things in the writing center when I think someone's ideas have strayed a little bit too far from the prompt or focus of the essay.
Getting into college was a really stressful experience to me, and I was scared to reach out and talk to Pomona students at the time. I'd like to be the resource I needed when I was applying.
I have prosopagnosia, or face blindness, which means that I have difficulty recognizing faces out of context. Because of that, for the first week of high school, I thought one of my soon-to-be-best friends was actually two different people!
I collect fun facts and am currently sitting on a list of about 200 of them. Feel free to ask for the fun fact of the day, I love to share!
I have been bitten by a stingray. (Not stung, bitten, and they don't even have teeth!)