Tutor-led Study Groups

Join a Study Group to Ensure Your Success Today!

The tutor leads a group of students from the same course for 2 hours each week. They help students with key concepts, work through problems, take practice tests to prepare for exams, and more. Join a study group before your first exam to start your semester on the right foot. We'll support you throughout the entire course.


Office hours not enough? A study group gives you planned, weekly time you can rely on to focus on one course, be productive, and get help from an experienced tutor. You will find it much easier to stay on top of the material covered in class and complete all the homework on time.


Study groups with friends not cutting it? Our study groups give you the opportunity to work in close group of supportive and dedicated students.

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Study Skills

Have trouble studying on your own? Our tutors will guide your studying and make sure you know what you need to succeed. You will also learn tactics to improve your studying in general and for that specific course.

Exam Review

Avoid crowded review sessions where your instructor or TA cannot possibly help everyone. With our study groups you will get comprehensive review and practice for the exam as well as the inside scoop on how to ace the exam from someone who has already taken it.

Checking Text on a Document

To join a study group, find a tutor at your school holding study groups for the class you are looking for. Email that tutor by the deadline to request to join that study group. Once the tutor has gotten back to you and you have confirmed your place in the study group, come back to this website to pay for your first month of sessions. 


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