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Hourly Rate: $40 per hour for 1-1 Tutoring

Major: Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Rutgers Honors College

Offers In-Person or Online.  

Services Offered:

1-1 Tutoring during school year for the following - 

1) Courses Aced at Rutgers -

General Biology I

General Biology II

Biology Research Lab

General Chemistry 

Honors General Chemistry

General Psychology

Intro to Sociology

2) Courses placed out of at Rutgers -

Calculus 1

Calculus 2

1-1 Tutoring during Summer & Winter Breaks in-Person at Manalapan, NJ or Online for the following - 

1) High School Math Courses up to Calculus BC, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Physics

2) ACT Prep - Scored 34 

3) AP Calculus BC Prep - Scored 5 on BC


Formal: Tutored in high school and college for all sciences, math, and SAT/ACT. (Total: over 100 hours)


Informal: Tutored friends for all courses in sciences and math, helped friends with college admissions, and helped kids of all ages with their homework (Total: over 100 hours)


Growing up I have always been naturally good in almost every academic field, but it wasn't the same for my friends around me. They would always ask me for my help and that is when I fell in love with helping people around me do better. I truly believe that no person is incapable of achieving their academic dreams. I am trying to spread my knowledge and expertise of the academic world so that every kid has an opportunity to know the feeling of success. Every student of mine has seen significant academic improvements and I would like to see everyone achieve those results.


1) I love everything about sports: playing them, talking about them, watching them, etc.

2. I love listening to music whenever I do any activity.

3. I love going to the gym and exercising.

Part of the Rutgers Honors College (accepts top 3% of admitted students).

Deans List every semester.

Eric K. 1-1 Tutoring, $40 per Hour

Eric K. 1-1 Tutoring, $40 per Hour


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