One-on-One Tutoring


CourseStars's one-on-one tutoring sessions are the standard tutoring experience whether through online or in-person meetings, but even more personalized! Convenient, uninterrupted, and best of all, spend your time learning at your own pace covering your topics and questions you prioritize, making for the most productive and efficient session possible. Whether you want to get catch up, keep up, or get ahead in your classes, one-on-one tutoring is for students who need individualized attention.



  • Our tutors will listen to your child's specific needs to provide the best personalized experience.

  • Our tutors are experts who bring their years of subject knowledge and passionate about helping students succeed.

High School

  • Our tutors take into consideration your learning style, pace, and more

  • Our tutors are accomplished subject experts who have scored 34 or higher on the ACT and 1500 or higher on the SAT


  • Our tutors aced the courses at your school, under the same professor! Get the inside track and best possible learning experience

  • Master course material to succeed on your exams and final exam with exam workshop videos