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Email me at emma.t@coursestars.com to set up the time and prepay before the session by clicking the button on the right.


Hourly Rate: $30 per hour

Major: Computer Science and Cognitive Psychology

Offers In-Person in Boston during school year or New York City during Breaks, or Online.  

Services Offered:

1-1 Tutoring for the following - 

1) All subjects K-8, High School Writing

2) AP Psychology, AP English Literature and Composition (and general high school essay writing)

3) SAT Prep: Scored 720 Math, 700 Reading & Writing


I have mainly tutored peers for NHS volunteer hours, occasionally staying in the library during lunch for an hour at a time to offer advice on English work as well as Mandarin during my junior and senior year. In April, I had also been informally appointed to help classmates in my AP English Literature class improve their essays to prepare for the AP exam. I shared my methods and organization recommendations.


Though I've always loved writing, I have been very lucky to have supportive and engaging English teachers who have taught me how to grow and critique my own work. Class discussions over text analyses have truly opened up my world and made me find value in language and, ultimately, the people behind it. I hope to pass on the same feeling of possibility with language that extends farther than a standard five paragraph essay. I want to tutor English to give others the experience I had. I want to offer analysis skills that will help communicate and identify ideas effectively and smoothly, no matter how nuanced.


My passion for psychology also comes from this interest in people and the way they think. I have always wondered why we do the things we do, so analyzing my personal experiences and reflecting on my actions has brought me closer to others and shaped the way I build relationships. I’ve enjoyed indulging in conversations about how people have developed into who they are, and taking a psychology class has just scratched the surface of a web of theories I am always motivated to discuss. I want to share this contagious curiosity and support a deep understanding of the AP Psychology curriculum. I would very much enjoy tutoring that subject as I feel I have a good grasp on it out of genuine interest.


1) I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil

2) I can never drink too much tea 

3) I’m on a constant search for music genres I haven’t heard.

In my HS freshman year, I was awarded for academic excellence in Mandarin and Wind Ensemble. I was inducted into the National Honor Society in my junior year and have volunteered and tutored peers as a member. I have also actively participated in Key Club, a volunteering club that forms a culture around leadership and service, as the club’s secretary. I have helped this club in planning fundraisers, organizing data, and collaborating with other Key Clubs in the city. With my term as secretary having ended, I am pleased to say I have passed on my role with a Distinguished Key Clubber Award, a Distinguished Secretary Award, and a Perfect Paperwork Award. Additionally, I participated in Yearbook Club for one year and Newspaper Club for all four years of high school, where I was a writer and editor. I have also received a Certificate of Achievement for completion of the 2017 and 2016 Bronx Loaf Writers' Conference, a writing workshop.