How To Succeed in This Course

Watch a recorded video and/or attend an in-person workshop on how to succeed in your course. Tutors will answer 80+ questions and provide you with the inside track on exams, quizzes, homeworks, readings, lectures, curved grading, and much more!  See the questions below.  These videos and workshops are excellent help during course selection and after you've selected your courses.

In-person workshops

Get your personal questions answered during the Q&A portion and get to meet the tutor personally!


A convenient way to learn about a class from the comfort of your room.

Perfect for before or after course selection!


*Is this course's content, exams, final exam, projects,etc same for every professor teaching this course? If yes, please specify

*How does this professor's course's content, exams, final exam, projects, etc differ from other professors'?

*Did you choose this professor's class for a particular reason? If yes, please specify

*What are the prequisite/recommended courses to take before taking this course? For example, math or science courses.

*What kind of background knowledge is required coming into the course?

*What type of specific skills in math, science, etc, if any, students should know well before taking the course?

Is this the best course to take as a prerequisite for other courses? If yes, which courses?

*Does the professor begin lessons with assumptions that students are proficient in certain topics? If yes, what are they?

*Does this course go towards your major?


*Is homework graded? If yes, is it based on content or completion?

*Would you highly recommend completing homework assignments? All or certain ones?

*How do homework assignments help prepare students for the exams?

*Is the course heavy on homework?

Research Papers

(If the course has research papers)

*Explain the research project concisely.

*What is the core purpose of the paper?

*What is a good starting point?

*What resources are useful?

*Does the professor have any preferences in writing style?

*How should citations be done? What is a good way to keep track of them?

*Misc. suggestions for researching/organizing and writing the paper.


*What is the level of difficulty of this course compared to similar courses?

*Does this course provide clear grading criteria? If so, what is it?

*What is the pace of this course?

* How much engagement is there in the course?

* Is the course lecture heavy?

*Is the course interactive learning-based or lecture-based?

*Frequency of tests, quizzes, homework, projects, etc,

*Are group projects recurring in this course?

*Does the professor or TA have any unusual policies about grading? For example, math professor who takes off points for grammar mistakes?

*Where is the best place to sit to view the slides & front board, and to hear well.

*Are professor’s notes or presentations readable?

* Are you able to hear the lectures? / Does professor’s voice carry through the room?

*What are ways to help students deal with professors who speak very fast or write very fast?

* Is the course textbook-heavy?

*Where online or at which bookstore is it best to purchase the textbook(s)?

*Which textbooks, resources, and/or websites are required? Which are optional? Which of these did you utilize by what amount and why?

Curved Grading/ Extra Credit

*Does the class have curved grading?

*Does participation, effort, and attendance affect teacher’s decision for curving?

*How much extra credit is offered in the class?

*Are the extra credit assignments worth it?

*What categories can help raise your grade or are considered “easy/completion points?” (Ex.: Homework, Lab Completion, etc.)


(depending on time availability)

*Depending on time availability, tutor may give insights on how to write lab reports for the course

*Depending on time availability, tutor may go through important content for each chapter.

Preparation and Studying While Taking the Course

*How did you prepare for each class?

*How many hours per week did you spend on preparing/studying for this course?

*Would you recommend reading or working ahead to prepare for upcoming lectures?

*Is self-studying or group-studying more beneficial for this course?

*What did you do after each class? Did you go over your notes? How often? Did you study with a buddy?

*Did you make a study guide? Did you prepare practice questions?

*'Which preparation worked best for you?


(Individual exam/quiz videos and workshops available for more detailed information)

*How are exams and finals for these courses?

*How often are exams and quizzes administered?

*How are they administered?

*Are they a big portion of course?

* Level of Difficulty

*Do exams consist of multiple choice? Written responses? Essays? Labs?

*Is there enough time to complete exams?

*How are the tests and quizzes weighted?

* How well do labs, projects and homework prepare me for the exams?

* Does the class provide study guides?

* What are some external resources (KhanAcademy, Eudemy, etc.) that helped prepare you for this course?

*Are re-takes an option?

*Does level of participation and effort affect your opportunity to have a re-take?

*What were the average grades for each exam? What percentage received A, B, C? (You may need to ask the professor or TA)

*What percentage of students, or number of students, drop after first exam, after second exam, etc. What does that do to the curve(if known)?


*How engaging is the professor? Do they attempt to reach out to every student?

*Is professor interesting?

*Is their teaching style auditory, visual or tactile?

* How well do they explain content?

* Do they offer clear explanations in simple terms?

* Do they provide enough materials for content they are teaching?

* How in-depth do they go into the subject?

*How often do they take attendance?

*Does active participation and attendance make a difference?

*Is it beneficial to ask questions?

*Are their presentations/notes/etc. available outside of class? Do they record their classes?

* Professor and TA's availability outside of class

*Are they available for one-on-one meetings? Are these beneficial?

*What is the teacher’s fastest method of communication (email, in-person, campus website)

*Does professor give extensions?

*Are they lenient on deadlines?

* Are they understanding and compassionate?


(If the course has projects)

*Explain the class projects concisely.

*What is the core purpose of this project? What does the professor want you this project to do?

*General advice on doing the project

*What is a good starting point?

*What resources are useful?

"Anything to keep in mind?

These questions are covered in both the videos and workshops