Exams and Final Exam Review
Watch a recorded video and/or attend an in-person workshop on your upcoming exam, midterm, or final. Tutors will help you prepare for that upcoming exam by answering questions on the structure of the exam, what to expect, and give tips on how to prepare for the test!  See the questions below to get an idea of what each session or video will cover about each exam. Along with these questions, videos and workshops will also review the topics covered in the exam to prepare you to take it. Exams are high stakes in college. Get the inside track to do your best.

In-person workshops

Get your personal questions answered during the Q&A portion and get to meet the tutor personally!


A convenient way to learn about a class from the comfort of your room.

Perfect for before or after course selection!

These questions are covered in both the videos and workshops

General Info & Preparation for the Exam

*How often did you attend lectures, labs, and review sessions during this unit?

*How often did you actively participate in lectures?

*How often did you actively participate in discussion sections or labs?

*How often did you actively participate in review sessions? *How often did you complete the assigned work?

*Where in the classroom did you sit (first row, fifth row, etc) and why?

*On a scale of 1 to 10, how prepared did you feel for this exam (10 being most prepared)? Give an explanation.

*Were there any review sessions and if so how helpful were they?

*How much did you study for this assessment?

*State all the ways you studied. 

*Did the professor provide a study guide? If yes, how helpful was it? How so?

*How well do labs, projects and homework prepare me for the exams?

*What are some external resources (KhanAcademy, Eudemy, etc.) that helped prepare you for this course?

*Is there any more information you would like to include regarding preparing for the exam?

The Exam

*How was the test administered?

*Please list all content areas covered by this exam.

*How much time did you have to take the Exam?

*How much time did it take you to finish? i.e. Did you finish super early, or were you pressed for time?

*How difficult was the assessment from 0 (piece of cake) to 10 (extremely difficult)?

*Anything to add about the difficulty?

*Did the exam consist of multiple choice? Written responses? Essays? Labs?

*How well did the professor cover the content in class from 0 (poorly covered) to 10 (well covered)?

*Was there anything not covered? Did anything surprise you?

*How much of the material did you have to teach yourself?

*Were there any extra credit questions on the exam?

*Open Commentary:

After the Exam and Results

*How much is the exam weighted?

*What score did you receive?

*What letter grade did you receive?

*How did other students do? Include the average score and any other relevant details.

*Describe the curve. Include what scores were considered A, B, and C before and after the curve was applied.

*How would you recommend people study for this exam? (i.e. flash cards, review sheet, review old quizzes, study groups)

*How many students dropped the class after this exam (if known)?

*Are re-takes an option?

*Is there any more information you would like to include about the exam?

Midterm and Final Exam Specific Questions

*Was this exam cumulative? (If it was the final, did it include all the material covered during the class or only the material covered after the midterm?)

*What percent of your class grade is this midterm/final exam?

*Was there anything unique about the midterm/final as compared to the other assessments? If yes, please explain.

*Is there any more information you would like to include about the midterm/final?