Benefits of Tutoring

Academic Success

  • Study efficiently. Get important feedback and helpful tips 6

  • Learn at your own pace to master course material 5

  • Improve test scores and grades 3, 4


  • Students in the 50th percentile move to the 98th percentile 1, 2

  • You're 2/3 more likely to graduate with high honors 1

  • Tutoring boosts test scores on average by at least 12 percent (one letter grade) 1

Career Success

  • Boosted GPA helps your plans to secure internships and jobs 7

  • Boosted GPA helps with admittance into grad school 8

  • Graduating college helps with future careers and income levels 9

Did you know?


6-year graduation



at public institutions

Find your college's 4-year
and 6-year graduation rates:

Sources (numbered by the statistics above)