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Parent of High School Junior from Lake Park High School

My son's ACT score increased by 4 points in less than 2 weeks.  Now, he is qualified for thousands more dollars in scholarships from his top choice college. I can't thank our tutor and CourseStars enough!

Parent of High School Junior from Waubonsee Valley High School

Our CourseStars tutor has been a valuable academic support for my son. My son was struggling in his AP Calculus class and was extremely reluctant to seek help. After just one session my anxious and shy son whose confidence was shaken was excited to schedule his next tutoring appointment. The tutor immediately connected with my son, understood his deficits and gave him hope. My son's attitude about calculus has completely changed and his grades improved! He is feeling well prepared and confident in taking his upcoming AP exam thanks to our tutor and CourseStars!

Parent of High School Junior from Lyons Township High  School

Our CourseStars tutor has been a great resource to our high school Junior in preparing for the ACT. He really knows his stuff and tailors his lessons to what our son needs to work on.

The tutor is extremely responsive and accommodating and does a great job communicating and following up.

Meet Our Tutors

Justin E

ACT, SAT, AP Calculus BC, AP Physics C, SAT Subject Test Math II, SAT Subject Test Physics, Computer Programming, Calculus 3, Discrete Math

Annie X

ACT, SAT, PSAT, AP Calculus BC, AP Physics Mechanics, AP Physics Electricity and Magnetism, AP Computer Science, AP English Language, SAT Subject Test Physics, SAT Subject Test Math II

Mounisha K

ACT, SAT, Math, Biology, Chemistry, English, History, Neuroscience


6-year college graduation rate is 

  • 59% at public institutions

  • 66% at private nonprofit institutions 

  • 26% at private for-profit institutions




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